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Mistakes and Counters - Part I

These tips will unlock some of the common mistakes which can occur during your presentation, and immediately give you their counters. (This is the first video in the set, so more are coming.) For now, they are the most occurring errors that we have seen ourselves and other people make. Remember, they are intuitive and you should be able to prevent them before they occur.

Try these tips out at your next team meeting or pitch event!

THE SHORT VERSION SUMMARY: Common Mistakes in Presenting.

1.) Keep it Simple. Murphy’s Law. Don’t complicate things and cause things to go wrong. Less animations and fewer slides mean fewer clicks. Complicated means mistakes are bound to happen. Prevent it ahead of time.

2.) NEVER READ FROM THE SLIDES OR DIRECTLY FROM YOUR NOTES. It’s in ALL CAPS for a reason. If you remember nothing else, let it be this. You look unprofessional and unprepared. Simple counter? Don’t write everything you want to say on the slide. Less words on the slides mean more words in your mouth.

3.) Drone Voice Speaking. We’re huge fans of Bob Ross, except when it comes to mimicking his voice during your presentation. Use inflections and move around to get your energy level up during your presentation; lest you be putting your audience to sleep.

4.) Eye Contact. Find two or three points in the room which you can use as go-to spots. Teammates or shiny clothing work well, as do Post-It Notes. Place the notes at various points throughout the room where the audience cannot see them, but you can. Then, look for the notes when you speak. Your eyes are out, and the audience won’t be able to determine if you’re looking at them or the notes.

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