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What to do With Your Hands When Presenting

What should you do with your hands when you’re presenting? It’s a problem which can make us look awkward and unprofessional if not handled properly. Learn how to counter the most common mistakes presenters make with their hands (and feet) when they’re up there.


Problem 1.) Wrist Wringing Never wrap your wrists together. Keep something in both hands to keep them separate and give them something to do.

Problem 2.) Shaky Hands If your hands are shaking, and you need to stress something with the light-pointer; hold the clicker with both hands and make small circles using the laser. It will hide your shaking and help retain your confidence.

Problem 3.) Hand / Foot Tapping Sit forward, at attention, with your hands and feet touching, but not clasped together. This may prevent you from having issues and showing the crowd that your motor is running.

Problem 4.) Foot Pointing A rare mistake which happens when someone asks us a question in the board room. Sit at attention, with your heels together to prevent this from occurring.

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