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Assembling a Stellar Presentation

Want to know how to assemble the best possible presentation? You don’t have to be an expert. Just use these four elements to turn it into a story that your audience relates to. Here’s what you need to tell yours:


Skill Set #1: List the facts and everything that is important. (The Analyst)

Skill Set #2: Spin them into a story which makes it fun for the audience. (The Salesman)

Skill Set #3: Create tethers of empathy between you and the audience. Make it relevant. (The COO)

Skill Set #4: Research your audience. Look at where they’re from, what their backgrounds are and, if you can, their hobbies.

Tie these to your story and you’ll win over the audience. Next time we’ll talk about how to deal with interruptions and how to counter them so that you can keep your flow and control going.

We may even have a special guest; so…stay tuned.

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