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Being Nervous When Presenting

Nervous about having to give your next presentation? That's perfectly fine. Whether it’s a team meeting, a family office appointment, or the C-Suite… No worries! We have your back!

The first step is to prepare yourself mentally for the ordeal. The bad news? No one tells you that you should expect to be nervous when you’re up there. The good news? You just took the first step towards reducing it.

The first video of our new series, “Things They Forgot to Teach You in Business School”, focuses upon preparing yourself for your upcoming presentation. Our videos try to tackle the art of soft skill development through an open and honest look at how difficult it can often be to make a presentation.

No one really talks openly about it; but that nervousness towards presenting never really goes away. Most people just tell you to "Do your best..." or "Good luck!", and they aren't honest about what how to cope with the nervousness that occurs. You need to meet it head on. Once you come to terms with this, you can start to suppress it, work it into your performance, and do something more constructive with your energy. (Like walking across the stage or focusing on not speed talking.)

Mistakes happen. We will help you counter those too in future videos.


TIP #1: Realize and accept that you will be nervous when you are up there.

TIP #2: Recognize that you have control, and are in a position of power over the audience. TIP #3: You only need to nail two out of three to be successful.

-What the audience sees. (A good looking deck)

-What the audience hears. (Choosing the right words)

-How you sound. (Your Confidence level)

TIP #4: Mistakes will happen. Expect them, and never apologize for making them.


- Dr. Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk about your body language and how to power pose. All it takes is two minutes to get the right chemistry going in your body, in order to reduce your nervousness.

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