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How to Pitch Your Ideas Like a Boss

If you want to take the lead or get more responsibility at work, you need to get your points across competently. The same applies to meeting with institutions and investors for your startup. You could have the next big idea, but have it fall flat because you are unable to convey it properly.

Learn from the mistakes of others, and stand a better chance on your next pitch.


1.) Choose Your Analogies Wisely. When you are trying to relate to your audience, make sure you choose stories and examples which apply to them. This is especially true with sports and hobbies. Not everyone may be familiar.

2.) Never be Casual. If someone isn’t introduced to you by their first names, then don’t use it. Stick to formalities and make sure you get their titles correct.

3.) Failed Humor. Stay away from taboo subjects; period.

4.) Use a Room Barometer. Assign someone on your team to watch the audience. They can act as your gauge to keep your presentation more on point, and give you an edge when it comes to closing.

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