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Powerpoint and Prezi Deck Design

What you need to do when creating your next presentation. We sum up in five minutes what executives learn in two years at business school. Font size, font choice, which colors to use, and we answer that ever popular question: What is the best images to text ratio?


1.) Images and Text Ratio. 70:30 is a good ratio to use (Images : Text) if you haven’t researched your audience. One image, five lines of text, ten to twelve slides.

2.) Font Choice. Avoid Colibri and rounder fonts because they can hurt the eyes of your audience. Stick to Times, or the more-square fonts that have a more pronounced edge to them.

3.) Font Size. Minimum 18 point, maximum 50 point. Smaller fonts – smaller rooms; Larger fonts – larger rooms.

4.) Color Scheme. Maximum four (or five) colors to the entire deck. Avoid the rainbow of colors which can make you look unprofessional and undecided.

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