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Presentation Problems: Eye Contact, Standing Still, & Singling Someone Out

Some of the most occurring errors that we have seen ourselves and other people make when presenting come from Eye Contact, Standing Still, and once they Start Moving Around. If you are looking to tackle these mistakes and give a better performance, then watch this video for tips on how to ace your next presentation.

THE SHORT VERSION SUMMARY: Common Mistakes in Presenting.

1.) Eye Contact. Get your eyes out to the audience, and be careful of playing favorites or singling someone out. Watch their body language to know when to back off, never cold call, and remember the rule of two: two questions and answers per person.

2.) Thinking and speaking on the run. We all tend to look in different directions when someone asks us a question. Remember to reset your eye contact with the audience when you’re answering so that you don’t risk losing them or your flow.

3.) Standing till. Hard to stop doing and hard to initiate. Remember to pause every now and again to deliver your points. Just don’t forget to continue moving after you do so.

4.) Commuting. If you’re slowly drifting between two places in the room, you need to expand your reach. Pick three or four points throughout the room to prevent looking like a commuter.

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