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Reading Body Language to Get Your Way

Reading body language is easy if you look for, and understand the signs. Learn how you can adjust your own body language to help others better understand you. Watch this to learn how!


1.) The Three Main Types. Lookers, Listeners, and Empaths. Each uses different cues which you need to hone in on for you to build a stronger connection.

2.) Lookers. The majority of personalities. Appearances are very important to them. Usually dressed to impress. Use strong eye contact, visual cues and words or phrases which relate to how things look to them.

3.) Listeners. A bit reserved, and may be dressed down. Too much eye contact can intimidate them, so take turns looking at each other. Tilted heads with their ears angled towards you are a sign that you are engaged with a listener. Ask questions in regard to how things sound ot them.

4.) Empaths. A smaller percentage of people in the Western world. They will lean in close and enjoy contact with people. Thinks via feelings and relates similarly with pronounced facial expressions. Your interaction should include words that relate to the sense of touch for optimal collaboration.

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