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Running Over Time / Sticking to Time When Presenting

Do you have a person in your group that won't stop talking and ignores all efforts to stick to their allotted speaking time? Do they have trouble sticking to schedule when you are presenting? Does it cause delays for everyone on your team? Learn how to prevent it from happening, and how to stop it in its tracks for next time.


1.) Set an Alarm. It seems obvious, yet most people forget. An alarm will let you know when it’s time to stop. Even better, have a time keeper in the audience do it for you, and wave a piece of paper at you when it’s time to stop.

2.) Rehearse Properly. Run your part three times, and time each one. Do the same for the group as a whole. Average the results and this is how long you need. Still over? Cut one slide each.

3.) Group Member Won’t Stop. Get a glass of water and bring it to them. Anything they forgot to say will get picked up in the Q&A. Avoid the Columbo moment to add one more thing.

4.) Cutting Slides. For new groups: cut the second speaking slot. For experienced groups or when you’re alone: reduce two slides (or more), each, and go high level.

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