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Support Women Entrepreneurs!

EU Parliament to host upcoming forum for increasing women and diversity in the European markets.

We are pleased to support our colleague, Jara Pascal, in the ongoing pursuit of increasing opportunities and placing a spotlight on women and diversity in the European markets. The upcoming debates this December, sponsored by the European Parliament, are paramount in bringing women to the forefront for leadership and innovation. These debates will help increase the number of women entrepreneurs, the amount of funding going to women led research and businesses, as well as help to determine which kind of quotas and criteria are required to drive change.

NEWSLINE: Forum Knowledge4Innovation, Collabwith and Wominvest are hosting 3 virtual debates at the EU Parliament during the 12th Innovation Summit with the theme: 

This debate has to provide a clear set of guidelines to establish ambitious goals to drive the change that our society needs. In Europe, we are in times where unprecedented budgets have been discussed to recover the European economy, to make our European industries and society greener and more sustainable and to digitize Europe, on top of the budget to research and innovate with the program Horizon Europe. This is the moment to discuss how all these funds will be allocated to increase women and diversity innovation impact in our European industry and society. Women and diverse teams care more about impact, sustainability and positive innovation. This debate is for MEPs, policy makers, EC experts, industry leaders, the banking sector and innovation ecosystem leaders. As the EIB said in its latest report (June 2020), “there is a paramount need to increase the quantum of financing available to female entrepreneurs going forward, and European institutions and programs have the means to lead the way by prioritizing investments in this area and crowding in additional financing”.

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