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We've Gone to YouTube!

SRCC IMPERA GmbH is proud to announce its new YouTube channel!

We have been very lucky, and extremely fortunate to work with many of the international startup hubs and business schools in the EMEA and North American regions. At the request of the entrepreneurs, team managers and MBA candidates we encounter, we are happy to launch our new YouTube channel, so that the tips and tactics we teach can be made available to a broader audience on a shorter time span.

The new series, Things They Forgot to Teach You in Business School, will directly address what it takes to create and perform a high-level presentation from the conference room to the C-suite, and candidly confront the many issues and mistakes that we can make when you’re speaking. From dealing with nervousness, to being interrupted by a higher up, we’ll tackle some of the major issues which they don’t teach you in the business world. You’ll get a head start on how to improve your dealings with the C-Suite and your managers, in order to better get your points across, and we will go into the finer points such as what fonts or aesthetics to use. Whether you need some help with your upcoming project PowerPoint, or you want to learn how to achieve success when you're dealing with the execs in a board room, we can help.

Our series is designed to be easy to follow, with tips which can be applied immediately. Each video is created so that you can start getting better in just a few minutes. (Over a handful of train stops.). Listen to them when you’re commuting to work, or just need to solve a quick problem. They can help you recognize and counter mistakes before or while they’re happening, and give you the edge you need to make your next presentation better.

So, for all you entrepreneurs and start up executives out there who have a family office meeting coming up, take a look! For all the team leaders about to give a progress update on your projects, and want to help your colleagues perform better; click and watch! And, for you MBA candidates who need an edge on your next presentation, check us out!

-Scott Rosen - Managing Director SRCC Impera GmbH

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