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Winning Your Audience Over

If you want to pitch your idea to your boss and gain more responsibility, then you should know a bit about them before going in. Same goes for your startup when seeking investors. If you fail to know the backgrounds of the key decision makers in your audience, you won't garner empathy for them to appreciate, understand, or even listen to your ideas. We can teach you in five minutes, what it takes good sales people years to learn.


1.) Identify the Decision Makers. Figure out who is highest in the chain of command that you will be speaking to. They should be the target for your presentation.

2.) Nationality and Culture. Different people from different countries and backgrounds mean different ways of doing things. Very true in international business. What works for one market may not be optimal for another.

3.) Job & Career Experience. Before getting too technical, or going too high level, examine the experience someone has had in your area. The results may give you a chance to dive deeper in certain areas, and avoid others.

4.) Education and Expertise. Not everyone went to school, or has a PhD, and it doesn’t matter. Never judge that someone is not an expert because they don’t have a piece of paper to back it up. Some of the most successful people never even finished high school.

5.) Hobbies & Interests. If you understand a shared hobby or sport, refer to it in your presentation or during your conversation. It can help create a point of empathy between you and your target audience.

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